A Solid, Simple Accessory. The AIM Sports M-LOK Vertical Grip.

          I bought this thing about 8 months ago for my “Life & Liberty” AR-15 with the intentions of using it more like handstop in conjunction with a bore clamp grip rather than using it more like Tommy Gun grip which wouldn’t be very comfortable given how short it is. Let me tell you one thing, it rocks. Here is my review.

Here it is attached to an Aero Precision M-LOK handguard. The light is easily activated in this configuration. Additionally, the nuts and screws are steel and made in the U.S.

          The company AIM Sports is typically selling products that appear to fall in the category of ditsy tactical garbage but this ain’t one of them. I appreciate what the company does by producing a very wide variety of products that are interesting because they offer options for functionality, but usually looks. They fill needs in the market that more popular brands will ignore because they choose to preserve their images as serious contenders in the gun industries. There’s nothing wrong with that. The company seems to be successful enough probably because most people who buy their stuff are just looking for something that makes their firearm look “cool”.

          Alright back to the topic at hand. Its made out of a tough fiber glass reinforced plastic which is common stuff. It weights  1.58oz (44.79 grams) for those of you pay close attention to that. This thing definitely has a smaller profile than a lot of other foregrips. It protrudes 2.6in (4.01 cm) off the rail. I don’t think I need to talk about the form/geometry as the photos I included probably tell you all you need to know. The M-LOK mounting hardware uses allen drive screws. You are going to need a long screw drive to tighten the concealed screw (there are 2 screws). Its located in the grip as you could probably have guessed. With that being said it doesn’t come with an allen wrench. Just as a helpful tip, you should wipe the screw’s threads with some rubbing alcohol and take a rubbing alcohol laden cotton swab to the screw hole of the M-LOK nuts. After doing this there shouldn’t be any oil or debris on the threaded areas. Then you can apply some medium strength thread-locker to the screw. I think you should do this for most machine screws on a firearm. If you stick to this you shouldn’t ever have anything come loose on you when shooting, I know I never have any problems after doing this.

This is how I use the AIMsport M-LOK vertical foregrip. I find it quite effective.

          Like I said, I bought this to use it more like a handstop. I’ll grasp the rifle around the middle section of the handguard which is in front of the vertical foregrip and behind the light I have on my gun. This combination makes it easy enough for me to have a strong grip on the gun and turn on the Surefire flashlight mounted on this particular rifle. Also the light I have doesn’t have a pressure pad switch just a humble tail cap switch with a momentary function.

          Thank you for reading my article. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know in the comment section. Seriously, go ahead and tell me whats on your mind.I will try to answer any questions as soon as I am able.

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