A Large Bullet Halfway Lodged In A Steel Target.


Here is a crappy steel target with a large rifle bullet protruding out of the back. The target was virtually fixed in position because of its mounting fixture.

          This is kind of amusing. I found a large rifle round that nearly made it through a steel gong. It was at a local 300-meter range of mine so you know that that round had some power behind it unless the shooter moved up closer to the target. I believe the round could be from a .338 Lapua Magnum because it seemed larger in diameter than the much more common .30 cal rounds. The gong wasn’t in great shape. It was well rusted and cratered. I bet it isn’t even AR-500 steel since it was probably put up 7 years ago where AR-500 wasn’t really popular. Also, the target’s hanging “mechanism” didn’t allow it to sling freely because of poor design.