A Budget U.S.-Made E.D.C. Knife. Its the Kershaw Dividend.

          Truth be told, I don’t think this is an awesome knife, but that isn’t to say that this knife goes without any merits. It’s an affordable everyday carry knife that is functional and is, by no means, a waste of $33 dollars. If you are looking for a knife on the smaller size then give this one a look because it may suit your needs.

          Now, onto the first matter at hand; the blade. The Kershaw Dividend is equipped with a hollow-ground, stonewashed, sleek-looking drop point blade that measures a hair over 3″ (7.6cm) when measured from the tip, back to the ricasso. The blade is made of the ubiquitous 420HC steel. Not an amazing steel but you certainly get what you paid for. Incorporated with the blade, is a flipper. This segues us into the next area of this knife; the action.

The Kershaw Dividend weighs 2.84oz (80.2g). It has an overall length of 7.25″ (18.4cm) but all around, it just seems small to me. If you want something that’s bigger then you could go with the Kershaw Link. The Dividend is heavily based off of the Link.

          This knife has an assisted opening mechanism that Kershaw calls SpeedSafe®. SpeedSafe® is normally pretty fast but I’d rather just have a manual opening folding knife. And no, you cannot de-assist this knife. I tried, but there simply isn’t a detent hole drilled into the blade. Another quick note. The torsion spring in this knife is more similar to their Chinese-produced knives rather than their American-produced knives. As someone who has disassembled a lot of Kershaw knives, I found that interesting. Alright, back to the action. The flipper is “correctly-sized” and makes for a comfortable way to deploy the blade. No complaints there. The liner lock is gentle on the thumb for all day use. 

I can’t say this is the most amusing knife to fiddle with but it works as a tool. I for one have gotten many days of use out of this knife. It is a potent slicer and I have broken down many boxes with it.

          So, now we are at the handle. This is where I would change some things. The geometry isn’t very efficient when it comes to managing space. I can barely get all my fingers on the handle plus it doesn’t feel that great in hand. I prefer knife handles that are straight rather than having weird, exotic geometry. The Kershaw Link has the same weird handle to it. Also, they both have this progressive narrowing of the handle as you get closer to the end of the knife. As for the construction of the handle, it is pretty simple. The one I purchased has glass-filled nylon scales with bead blasted steel liners. Kershaw does offer an aluminum handled knife for those who want something that is prettier and more gift-worthy.

Here is a top view of the handle just to show you its construction and to give you a little more perspective on this knife.

          Lastly, I must mention the pocket clip. It is made of steel and has easily-worn black paint on it. I have found that it is suitable for attaching to pocket material that is on the thicker side, like with the stuff you find on sweatpants. You could also clip it to your waste band, as well. Not all pocket clips can do that without getting bent out of shape or putting your pocket in a death grip. Since Kershaw is learning they seem to be configuring most of their new knives’ pocket clips for tip-up carry. This is the only right way to configure a pocket clip. If you are left-handed then you can rest assured because the pocket clip can be switched to left side carry.

          Well, that is all I got for you folks. The Dividend is a simple creature. If you are looking for something cheap, kind of on the smaller side, and you prefer that it is made in American then this may fit your bill. If you want something that looks pretty then go with the aluminum handled one.

          Thank you for reading my article. Per usual, I try to make them as informative and as well written as I can. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know in the comment section. I will try to answer any questions as quickly as I can.

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