A Bright Single Mode E.D.C. Light. Niteking’s P347 Reviewed.

          If you like high brightness and single mode simplicity then here you are. The P347 from Shenzhen Nitekinglight Ltd, which has there products sold on Amazon, is seemingly offered by many vendors. Well at least in similar form but not similar function. If you hadn’t noticed while researching E.D.C. lights then you will have seen numerous listings on Amazon and eBay for a light that looks identical to this one. Those ones are utter crap destined for the scrap heap.

          The P347 is a high consumption flashlight that produces a very bright light and narrow beam when compared to others it’s size. The manufacturer claims it produces 100 lumens of light. I have no way to confirm this for sure and given my experiences I’d say many Chinese companies often lie about lumen count, as well as any other attribute that there product may possess (just sayin’). This light is definitely brighter than Streamlight’s MicroStream. That much I know. For me this light is brighter than what I usually need it for. If you find yourself in dark, wide open spaces like searching outdoor areas at night or looking through dark buildings then I recommend this as long as you have a spare lithium AAA on tap.

Here is the Niteking P347 compared to the Thorfire PF03. Both take a single AAA battery. When subjected to above average usage the P347 should last about 14 days between battery changes. This thing is bright for a small flashlight!

          Also, something to consider about a light this bright is that it is more capable for impairing vision and thus dissuades movement towards you. This would come in handy in the event that some obviously evil lurking street trash starts to make his way towards you. Obviously this would only work up to a point. The assailant can’t have started his transgressions for this to be of use because what would attempting to shine a light on him do then? Using a light in a defensive matter only should occur before anything physical has happened. The potential perp could be trespassing or snooping around your property. You could also use it on someone out in public at night when they are b-line walking towards you after “sizing you up” or waiting to ambush you in a more secluded location. If you see someone like a vagrant or hood thug just loitering around in an unusual area and behaving in a furtive manner, don’t give them the benefit of the doubt. Avoid them if you can but if they really are in your path, verbally acknowledge there presence and make eye contact with them. If they are just a resource predator, then the more attention you put on them the more likely they will mentally call-off there heinous actions.

          Alrighty, back to the P347! There isn’t anything too crazy about this light. After all, they’re simple objects. It’s an aluminum tube that is 3.6″ (9.2cm) long and 0.6″ (1.5cm) in diameter not including the pocket clip. With a lithium AAA battery it weighs 0.98oz (27g), which is right in line with most single-AAA E.D.C. flashlights.

          It’s certainly water-proof in most situations you could come across. I even submerged it in water and turned it on and off while underwater to make sure I wasn’t spreading any fake news. You can use this thing while out in the rain, you could drop it in a puddle. This guy won’t short out. Just make sure you have everything tighten up on the light before you go dunking this thing in water.

          I have chucked this light around for the fun of it and it is still kicking. Even 30ft () falls haven’t made it malfunction yet. The electronics work as they should and it still has maintained it’s water resistance. Like I alluded to earlier, most of these E.D.C. lights do a fine job standing up to water and shock. They are all o-ring sealed aluminum tubes. If you think your Niteking P347 is faulty because it is flickering, try putting in fresh batteries. Several E.D.C. light models I have dealt with will become flickery when there battery gets low.

Even after all this time and abuse his light still works normally.

          One crappy thing about this light is it’s “low-capacity” pocket clip. You have to be wearing pants or shorts with thin fabric in order to securely carry the P347. If your pocket fabric is to thick then the light will not go down as far into the pocket as it should. This will cause the light to stick out a bunch. Luckily the clip is very springy so even if you have to really force the clip onto the pocket material, the clip will not permanently deform.

If you are going to carry this light just be sure to pair it with thin pockets. The reinforced pocket fabric on my pants were to thick for the P347.

          This may be a positive depending on your own usage habits but this light has an enclosed tail switch. This will prevent accidental presses of the button thus saving battery life. With my lights that have protruding switches I don’t find this to be much of a problem. On rare occasions I will accidentally turn those lights on in my pocket but it’s the price I will pay for such a feature. Enclosed switches are harder to get to and uncomfortable to use. This light’s switch is enveloped quite closely given how small the button is. And Lastly this flashlight doesn’t have a momentary switch. It is clicked on and clicked off. There is no half presses to turn it on which I don’t like but this isn’t a deal breaker to me.

The tail switch on the Niteking P347 in enclosed to prevent accidental actuation. There is no momentary function with this light’s switch.

          Well, there you have it. If you are looking for a rugged, small sized flashlight with a far throw of light then go with this cheap thing. I have owned it for a month short of 2 years by the way, so I know how this light handles things. It’s not my favorite light but it definitely has it’s place given it’s characteristics. And don’t buy similar looking flashlights that don’t have a brand name. I bought ones that looked the same as the Niteking P347 and they all had trash-level electronics and they smell terrible for some unknown reason. Just go with the really deal.

          Thank you for reading my article. I put time into making sure they are well constructed. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know in the comment section. Seriously, go ahead and let me know what you think.