5ive Star Gear’s Performance Soft Shell Gloves Get Reviewed.

          These gloves are okay. They’re not amazing but they aren’t something I’m just going to throw away after posting this review. I’ll just say if you need some commuter gloves then this will cover your bases just fine. Just don’t get these gloves thinking they will keep your hands nice and toasty in freezing weather if all you are doing is walking around.

          To start off this here review, I’ll talk about how the Performance Soft Shell Gloves, from 5ive Star Gear, have worked for me. If you are participating in moderate-intensity activities, like raking the leaves, and it is around 32ºf, mostly sunny with low wind, then you will stay comfortable. I did. Just make sure you are staying above grandma-pace when it comes to the activity at hand. If you are only standing around or even walking then prepare to get cold and miserable. I had these on while out doing some photography when it was around 25ºf with mild wind, complete overcast, and it started to suck after 15 minutes. So yeah, I don’t really think of these as winter gloves; more like heavy-duty commuter gloves for cold weather.

They are warmer than other gloves their size but you do give up a little dexterity and grip when you go with them.

          Now, I’ll mention the notable features. They are mostly made of a synthetic fabric, probably polyester, with simulated-leather palms that have a little bit of texturing on them. You will not have a great grip while wearing these gloves and when you first get them they will be stiff but will wear in with use. I got an XL pair and all the finger fit well except for the thumbs, which have too much material around them. Despite these gloves being marketed as waterproof, they are far from it. They are mildly resistant to absorbing water such as rain fall. If you think you are going to have a snowball fight with these on without ending up with soaked mits, then think again! A few things I did like about these was how they have extra long “skirts” on them. This extra material around the wrist really helps with keeping warm air trapped around the hands. Another good feature is that these things have little plastic clasp and loops that allow you to clip them together. This makes them harder to lose. 

As you can see, I’m not a total clumsy jackass with these gloves on. They just have some extra material that gets in the way.

          As far as durability is concern, it isn’t looking so great for these gloves in one area. That area being the reinforced leather-like material between the thumb and the index finger which has already started to split after only four or so uses. It was pretty sad. Everything else has held up and gives me an impression of quality manufacturing. If only they picked a more grippy, flexible material for the palm reinforcement…

          Thank you for reading my article. I always put time into making sure that they are well constructed and informative. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know in the comment section. I will answer any question as soon as I can.

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