You are visiting ArmThyselves.com, a website dedicated to providing you with trustworthy product information and to supporting virtuous freedoms, particularly the right to keep and bear arms. The type of content you can expect from this site includes...

Product Reviews

Expect honest product reviews about guns, knives, accessories, clothing items, and more. No review featured here will contain ideas that run contrary to the actual occurrences that took place during the reviewing process. Basically, this is a shill-free zone.

Helpful Information

Expect helpful and clearly explained how-to's, P.S.A.'s, and other general information on a wide variety of topics. These types of posts/videos are published in a random fashion and are stored in the Information Archive section.


Expect persuasive articles and videos defending or attacking various beliefs and behaviors. Out of all the content featured here, these ones are the most important. After all being able to articulate your position on a subject is the basis to stopping that position from being made illegal.

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